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Managed GP solutions

In localities where GP and consultant shortages are a challenge, we can provide a fully managed solution to enhance GP capacity through our own network of qualified and experienced practitioners.

Our model delivers substantive cost, clinical and quality benefits including:

  • Reduction in overhead expenses associated with physically housing personnel

  • Access to a larger talent pool of GPs as geographical limitations are removed

  • Ability to outsource the administrative workload to our remote GPs

  • Increased capacity as patients can be managed remotely for routine care increasing availability of face-to-face appointments.

  • More flexible appointments for a wide range of patients.

Other key benefits for practice patients include:

  • Better access to a GP for a range of needs

  • More flexible appointment slots 

  • Better access to services for currently disadvantaged groups who are able to use online services but do not access conventional services.

Our remote GPs are an extension of your practice team and are encouraged to take part virtually in multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings. With access to clinical policy updates and MDT notes, they interface seamlessly with your traditional model. Our solution is fully integrated into the current NHS primary care system. Our remote GPs will have access to patient records so that medical notes are added contemporaneously, reducing the need for additional paperwork, allowing immediate access to documentation and reducing errors.